Liberate her Sexually

My girlfriend is a Muslim and always wears a burqa. She is tall, fair and has a super sexy figure. She has never had a boyfriend before me and was a virgin. She used to act very innocent and self righteous and avoid speaking about sex. I too respected her feelings and had only kissed her. But I had never touched her boobs or seen her naked because she felt it’s a sin before marriage.

One day I quietly saw her seeing a porn video in her phone. I kept quiet but realised that she is s horny babe and decided to liberate her sexually.

One day I invited her home when my family was out. She was hesitant but finally came. I asked her to remove her burqa because it was quite hot. She hesitantly complied. She was wearing an elastic salwar and long tunic. I told her she has a hot figure and that a short skirt and tee shirt would look gorgeous on her. She blushed and said that it’s not allowed in her house because her parents are strict. I told her that she can wear it once she is away from her house and then change into traditional clothes before going home. She lowered her head and replied that she does not have any western clothes and that maybe we can shop for it next time. I was prepared for this moment and immediately from my cupboard removed a micro mini skirt and short top which I had purchased in advance.

She looked at me in horror and said it is too skimpy etc. but I knew in her heart she wants to wear it. I cajoled her a bit and she agreed but said she is not wearing any panty. I got an instant erection on hearing this but controlled my emotions and told her that don’t worry it’s only me and her. She got convinced and went in to change. I told her to call me once she is done.

After 5 mins she opened the door and I went in. What I saw nearly stopped my heartbeat. I saw the most gorgeous girl wearing the most skimpy clothes, standing in front of me shy but looking absolutely beautiful.

I approached her, she turned around with her back facing me. The skirt was very short and she was not wearing panties so the lower part of her ass cheeks were visible.

I could not control myself any longer. I immediately hugged her and gently took her on the bed. I started smooching her and she too started responding with full passion. I started squeezing her breasts and ass and she did not stop me and Infact it seemed to turn her on more. I silently took off my track pants with my legs and before she could realise I took off her top and skirt. She started gently protesting but it was more as a formality. I then started smooching her again and unhooked her bra. She was now totally naked, I removed my shirt off too so that we were both naked.

She was amazed to see my penis and a bit scared too. I gently guided her hands to my penis and she slowly lost her inhibitions. I then started kissing her nipples and lay on top of her. I kept smooching her boobs for almost 15 mins and was simultaneously playing with her clitoris.

I could feel her vagina get soaking wet. Finally I spread her legs and positioned my penis at the entrance of her vagina. She gave a mild protest and said she is a virgin and that it may pain her. I assured her and said it will pain only for a moment and then she will enjoy. She got convinced and said okay and closed her eyes. I inserted the head of my penis inside her vagina and started pushing in, she was incredibly tight and I was finding it very to enter, I entered slowly and felt an obstruction which I understood is her hymen. She started mildly protesting again saying it was paining, I pulled back and then thrust in with full force, I ripped past her hymen and she gave the loudest shout I have ever heard. I started thrusting her and after the initial screams she started getting turned on and started moaning and asking me to continue. We had sex for almost 15 mins after which I ejaculated inside her and withdrew, my penis was covered in blood and her vagina was dripping with my semen and blood drops.

We both hugged each other tightly and had a shower together. We had sex 3 more times that day and she orgasmed almost 5 times.

We continued our relationship for almost 3 years and had sex almost daily and it was absolutely awesome.

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