Sex while Watching P**N

I remember this one time when I invited a girl over with whom I had had sex just once. We had not seen each other for several weeks after our first sex encounter, when she texted me. We started talking and I finally invited her over.

She showed up wearing a tank top and some sort of leathery pants. Because we were not necessarily friends and we had just had casual sex once, at the beginning, it felt kind of awkward. So at some point I said “Do you want to watch TV”, and she said yes.

We were sitting on the couch in front of the TV, when I asked her “What do you want to watch?”, and she said “How about porn?”.

So we started browsing through sites like PornHub and such. We watched a few videos (mostly typical boy-girl videos) and she kept saying things like “Wow, that girl is so beautiful”, “I have never done that” and such.

At that point, we hadn’t even kissed and everything had been very casual. But my reaction was to start rubbing her pussy over her pants. She immediately moaned, laid back a little bit and spread her legs open. I then lowered her pants and panties up to her knees, and started fingering her. First one finger, then two and three. I was also sucking her boobs while my fingers were inside her. She came a couple of times.

Then she told she wanted to suck my cock. She helped me get rid of my pants and underwear, and she knelt down in front of me between my legs. She started sucking my cock, deepthroating me and licking my balls. All this while there was a really hot porn scene behind her on the TV screen. So I could alternate between watching the scene and watching her suck my cock. I told her that if she continued I would explode in her mouth, so I asked her to stop and get on all fours on the couch.

With her pants and panties still up to her knees, I started doing her from behind. She knew I wouldn’t last long, so she said: “I want your cum, so don’t hold it”. I asked her where she wanted it, and she said: “I want it all down my throat, just like last time.”

So we changed positions. I sat back on the couch and she knelt again between my legs. She put my cock in her mouth and started sucking. I was ready to cum, so I pushed her head back a little bit, and started stroking my cock. She then opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. She said: “Give it to me”. I then shot a huge load. Some landed on her face and some inside her mouth as she had asked me. When I was done, she started sucking my cock again to make sure she swallow even the last drop. With one of my fingers, I spoon fed her the cum she had on her face.

I don’t necessarily think it was thanks to watching porn together that this happened. We would probably have had sex anyways. But it definitely made the experience hotter.

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