Fun after Divorce

I was recently divorced at the time and feeling extremely horny. I didn’t have any one in my life, because I was recovering from all the crap and healing from all the pain. I didn’t want anyone to have to deal with my issues, but I needed sex badly. I called an adult hotline and attempted to find a date. Well, many of those lines are a front for prostitution. So when I called, I set up a profile and waited. Soon, a girl called me and said she was interested.

We met up. She was a cute girl with short cropped hair and chocolate brown skin. She let me know that she was bi and if I had a girlfriend, we could have a threesome. I told her I was single and she said that we could just find a hotel. I didn’t want to spend a night with someone who increasingly let me know she was more into women than men, so I suggested we just find some place private. We found a dark street with a park bench. She sat with me while I fumbled with my pants. I got my underwear and pants down halfway. She knelt down and started stroking me. She asked if I had a condom. I fished it out of my pocket and she skillfully put it on with her mouth. She sucked me for awhile, until I was nice and hard. Then she pulled her white shorts, down, revealing firm buttocks and smooth thighs in the light of the moon. She sat on me and rode me, facing away toward my car, which was parked on the street in front of us.

A man passed by, regarded us carefully, then laughed his head off while ambling down the sidewalk. I enjoyed the sensation. She was nice and tight, but I knew I couldn’t come, so I faked it. She couldn’t tell with the condom on. She took some cash from me and I took her to the street corner. I was still horny so I got back on the line and check to see if anyone else had checked my profile. A woman named Keisha had alerted me. I drove to her apartment complex and knocked on the door.

A woman in her late 20s answered. She was voluptuous, but not heavy. She was blonde and said her name was Keisha. She looked at me and said, “You are really cute. I am surprised. I said, “Why”? She said my voice on my profile didn’t go with my face. She remarked that she thought I was a nerd. “Nerds rule the world,” I commented. She smiled and took me by the hand. “Let’s walk. Ok.” We went and sat in front of a bench right in front of a street light. I said, “Have you ever played Truth or Dare?” She looked at me strangely and said, “As a kid. Why?” “I challenge you to a game.” “Wow. Subtraction of cool points, “ she teased. I asked truth or dare, and she chose dare. I challenged her to suck her finger as if it was a dick. No problem. She did such a realistic job of making her finger look like it was connected to my nuts, that I got hard. She noticed and said, “My turn. I dare you to whip out your cock right here.” I said, You didn’t give me the option of truth.” She said. “Are you scared?” I looked around and saw a car passing by. It was an elderly couple. Behind them was another car with a group of teen-age girls. I reached my hand down and unbuckled my pants for the second time that night. I slipped my hand in the slit in my underwear and pulled out my stiff cock. The girls wouldn’t have seen if it weren’t for the light, but they immediately started screaming and laughing and pointing. Keisha laughed hard. “Ok. Your turn to ask me.” “Truth or dare?” “Dare. just to be fair.” I dare you to take off your top and your bra and start fondling your breasts.” She started unbuttoning her top before I could finish the sentence. She must have had D cup breasts. She let her top fall and unhooked her bra. Her breasts sprang out. She looked at me seductively while she groped them and pushed one up to her mouth, sucking on it. I am surprised we didn’t get arrested, with her breasts and my dick exposed to the public.

I said, “Let’s go inside.” Without saying anything, she got her bra and top and we walked back to her place. We went in and she took me to her bedroom. She pulled my pants down and got on her knees. She spat on my dick and kissed the tip. She then rubbed my balls and sucked me for awhile. I didn’t want her to stop because her oral skills were on point. “Is Keisha your real name? You don’t look like a Keisha.” She smiled. That’s when I realized she would probably want payment. She said, “What’s your favorite position?” “Whatever I am in the mood for.” “What are you in the mood for?” “Let’s take off our clothes and find out.” She took off her shorts and I took off my shirt. We both climbed into her bed fully naked. We started kissing and she got into it. I said, “Don’t you want some money?” She looked at me weirdly and just rubbed my chest. She leaned over and licked it all over, then scooted down to my manhood. She pushed my legs up and began licking my butthole, rubbing and sucking her way up my balls to my shaft, which she slobbered on. I got an extra level of hard. She sucked me for a good while, then turned around and sat on my stomach. Her ample butt was in my face, so I returned the favor. I savored her strong snatch, eating, licking, and sucking to my heart’s content. I could feel her stiffen. She was already moaning and whimpering. It knew it was hard for her to keep sucking me, but it was hard for me to keep eating her out. We continued in the 69 position, with her jerking softly on my cock, while suckling each one of my balls. She had to quit. She slid onto me and rode me until she came bucking and writhing and making sexy noises from the bottom of her throat. She got off me and knelt between me, licking her juices off and sucking my nuts, realizing that I was close to coming as well. She swallowed my cock while rubbing and gently massaging my sack.

I erupted in her mouth and she looked at me with surprise, her eyes big. Her cheeks swelled like a chipmunk and cum seeped out onto her lips and down her hand onto my shaft. She pulled back and I could see the thick white creamy cum mixed with her saliva. She swallowed it, then licked it off her hand and my shaft. She cleaned me off with her tongue, making sure to squeeze me a few times to get all of the cum out of my hole. She licked my head and gently sucked out any remaining spunk. My member slowly shriveled back to normal size. We cuddled for awhile and fell asleep. I asked her again when I left in the morning, how much I owed her, and she said with a smile. “For that kind of night? I think I owe you.”

We had several great experiences like that. She is now married and has two lovely kids. We see each other in passing, but since we are both married, we know things can never be like they were.

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