Friend’s Mother took my Virginity

When I was 18 I had a fight with a friend she is a girl. Her mom was single, hot, busty, 38 and lonely. I only know that she feels empty and not wanted because I got 3 cellphone numbers. Invited her mom with one of my other numbers and pretended to be someone else. Her mom is a freak and into younger guys. The things she told me is mind blowing crazy.

She told me how she got a hotel room and let two 16 year old boys have their way with her. I asked her what would make her want to rip a guys clothes off. She said: If a guy looked into her eyes and said I need you more than life itself, she would destroy him in bed. Anyway the fight we had wasn’t about that. She doesn’t know about me chatting to her mom pretending to be someone else.

So after the fight at another friends place I am furious. She was sleeping over by that friend which is also a girl. I take a cab to her house. Knock on the door and her mom let’s me in. I ask her mom can I confide in you. She says yes I can talk to her about anything. So I lie and say my mom and dad are fighting and I just wanted to get out of the house. I feel really sad. She stands up and hugs me saying that everything is going to be OK. So I take a step back, look at her and say: I need you more than life itself.

At first she just stands there in shock. Then says you can sleep here for the today, I will call your mom to let her know. She gets me a pillow and blanket and says you can sleep in Sandra’s bed she is sleeping at a friend, not knowing that I know. I say: No thanks Miss Smith I will sleep on the couch. I lay there for about 15 minutes and her mom comes out of the bedroom half naked. She says: How about I turn that frown upsidedown. Being 18 and a virgin I say: Yes please. Still very furious, but pretend to be sad.

She pulls off my pants and sucks my dick. I get hard and she says: Very nice Mike. Not to brag but I am long down south. I rub her pussy and she kisses me. Then she says: Let me show you what a grown woman is capable of, I’m going to fuck your brains out. She sit on my dick and starts riding me like crazy. 5 minutes in I pull out and cum on the floor. I apologise and say I will try harder next time, she replies with: I’m sure you will. So I say get on your back Miss Smith. She tells me please call me Jade. She gets on her back and I pull her to the edge of the couch. Her ass is hanging off.

I grab her ankles, arch her legs a bit back and say now its my turn. She says: give it to me big boy. I thrust my dick hard into her cunt and start hate fucking her. I shove it in deep and hard with every stroke. After about 20 minutes she screams I’m going to fucking cum. She let’s out a cry and squirts. Her pussy fluid is all over the wooden floor and running down her fat ass. She says: Mike don’t be afraid to fill me up. Those words are so powerful that I fuck her like a rabbit on monster ( energy drink ). I get lost in that moment of extacy and tell her I’m gonna cum. She says: Yes Mike please cum in my pussy. Her begging turns me on even more and I explode inside her. The rest of the night we tier each other out.

The next morning we fuck about another 3 times. As I leave to go home I turn around and she is smiling while biting her bottom lip. Not even home yet and I start getting messages. Its her telling me about the night before and the next morning thinking that she is chatting to someone else. We chat till I get home and then I tell her that I’m going to be busy till 7pm. I’m glad she enjoyed me. I still see her in public from time to time and she can’t stop talking about what happened and how she felt that night 10 years ago. I’m glad she took my virginity.

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